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Empire Clean Cities Coalition

The Empire Clean Cities coalition works with vehicle fleets, fuel providers, community leaders, and other stakeholders to reduce petroleum use in transportation.
Empire Clean Cities coalition

Contact Information

Christina Ficicchia
Coalition Website

Clean Cities Coordinator

Christina Ficicchia
Photo of Christina Ficicchia

Christina Ficicchia is currently the Executive Director at Empire Clean Cities, acting as the Clean Cities Coalition Coordinator for the region. As the executive director, she provides support and management related to the operations of the non-profit organization, develops strategies and programs that fulfill its mission, seeks out increased membership enrollment and funding and promotes the acceptance of alternative fuel fleet vehicles and acts as the US Department of Energy Clean Cities Coalition Coordinator in the New York City and Lower Hudson Valley region. She also collaborates with State, County and Federal regulatory agencies, interest groups, media, consultants and other Clean Cities Coalitions to develop policies, coordinate work, and exchange information. She represents the Coalition in public and private forums and manages various projects that increase the number of alternative fuel vehicles on the road and that increase alternative fuel use to facilitate petroleum reduction. Ficicchia coordinates various local events related to promoting alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles and develops and implements policies and long-range organizational goals.

Empire Clean Cities
55 Water St, 9th Fl
New York, NY 10041

Empire Success Stories

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New York City Cleans up With Alternative Fuel Vehicles

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Empire Clean Cities coalition Statistics
Population: 9,374,639
Area: 761 sq. mi.
Boundaries: Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island; Counties: Putnam, Rockland, Westchester
Designated: April 22, 2003   
Alternative Fueling Stations:
   Biodiesel (B20 and above): 7
   Natural Gas: 20
   Ethanol (E85): 7
   Electric: 403
Petroleum and GHG Savings*
Total Gallons
Total GHG
by AFV
by AFV
Annual petroleum savings: 25,503,909 gasoline gallon equivalents
See the Gallons by AFV tab for a breakdown of AFV-based petroleum savings.
Annual greenhouse gas emissions avoided: 143,654 tons of CO2
See the GHG by AFV tab for a breakdown of AFV-based greenhouse gas savings.
Annual petroleum savings by alternative fuel vehicle project type: 24,581,036 gasoline gallon equivalents
Greenhouse gas emission reduced by alternative fuel vehicle project type: 133,193 tons of CO2
*2013 metrics