Alaska Laws and Incentives for Ethanol

The list below contains summaries of all Alaska laws and incentives related to Ethanol.

Laws and Regulations

Ethanol Fuel Blend Tax Rate

The tax rate on fuel containing ethanol is $0.06 per gallon less than the tax rate on other motor fuels in certain geographic areas. This reduced rate is in effect during months in which fuel containing ethanol must be sold, transferred, or used to operate motor vehicles in an effort to reduce carbon monoxide emissions and attain federal or state air quality standards. (Reference Alaska Statutes 43.40.010)

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Acquisition Requirement

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (Department) must evaluate the cost, efficiency, and commercial availability of alternative fuels for automotive purposes every five years, and purchase or convert to vehicles that operate using alternative fuels whenever practical. The Department may participate in joint ventures with public or private partners to foster the availability of alternative fuels for consumers. (Reference Alaska Statutes 44.42.020)