Alabama Laws and Incentives for Fueling / TSE Infrastructure Owner

The list below contains summaries of all Alabama laws and incentives related to Fueling / TSE Infrastructure Owner.

State Incentives

Biodiesel Fuel Storage Grants

The Alabama Biodiesel Incentive Program, administered by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) Energy Division, provides grants of up to $2,500 to cover the cost of cleaning existing fuel tanks in preparation for storing biodiesel blends of at least 20% (B20) for use in public school, state college and university, and local government fleets. Successful applicants must provide B20 for a minimum of three years. Grantees must also provide information to ADECA Energy Division about the number of gallons of B20 dispensed and used to fuel fleet vehicles during this time period. For more information, refer to the Alabama Biodiesel Incentive Program website.

Point of Contact
Liz Cochran
Program Manager
Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs
Phone: (334) 353-4380
Fax: (334) 242-0552

Utility/Private Incentives

Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Charging Rate Incentive - Alabama Power

Alabama Power offers a Business Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use (BEVT) rate for electricity purchased to charge PEVs used for non-residential purposes. The electricity used for vehicle charging is metered separately from all other electricity use. For more information, see the BEVT rate guidance. In addition, Alabama Power offers a Residential PEV rate for customers that can verify possession of a qualified PEV. For more information, see the Residential PEV rate guidance.