Best.Drive.EVer. Campaign Toolkit Request

The “Best.Drive.EVer.” awareness campaign seeks to attract attention to the PEV market through the use of social media platforms and grassroots efforts of interested parties such as you and your organization. To support this effort, we have developed media packets focused around the themes “Convenience”, “Performance”, “Love”, “Technology” and “Today”. The media packets include the following materials for each theme:

  • Message Boards
  • Posters
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Social Media Videos - NEW
  • Transit Ads
  • Web Banner Ads
  • Original Photography

To access and download all the media files, please provide the following information.


Guidelines for Use

Organizations and individuals must abide by the following general guidelines for use of the materials in this toolkit:

  • The materials must not be used in a manner that expressly or implicitly implies DOE endorses the views, opinions, products or services of any person or entity that may utilize the materials.
  • The materials must not be used in a manner that would disparage DOE or the Federal government
  • By displaying and/or distributing the materials, you understand and agree that you are responsible for its proper use and ensuring any person or entity to whom you distribute the materials is informed of these guidelines, including but not limited to, advertising agencies, contractors, and companies that produce promotional items on their behalf.
  • DOE is not providing the materials as part of any specific joint outreach effort or partnership.
  • The materials must contain the disclaimer “Materials development by the Department of Energy. Not an endorsement by DOE.”