Idle Reduction Related Links

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ACEMCO Power Systems

The ACEMCO auxiliary power unit is non-intrusive to the truck's OE systems. The design consists of a self-contained auxiliary power unit (APU), an independent under-bunk heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and a digital cab display module. ACEMCO Power Systems' APU features a durable powder-coated frame (for corrosion resistance) and a diamond-plate aluminum enclosure.

Airworks Compressors Corporation

Airworks Compressors Corporation designs and manufactures mobile air compressor systems, hydraulic power paks and auxiliary power solutions. The compressors conserve valuable fossil fuels while satisfying all anti-idle legislation. With no truck idling necessary during work, substantial fuel savings can be realized.

All Power America LLC

All Power America is a global manufacturer and distributor of outdoor power equipment. Founded in 2005, All Power America began marketing products to large retailers as well as independent dealers. With more than 6 million square feet of global manufacturing space, All Power America and partner factories produce a wide variety of products including engines, generators, digital generators, pressure washers, compressors, snow blowers and other small engine equipment.

Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne, a DOE national laboratory, has technical expertise in idling reduction and offers many technical resources.


Autotherm's Energy Recovery System (ERS) keeps the cab's heater working while the vehicle is turned off, keeping the cab warm and the windshield free of snow and ice for hours without idling.

Bergstrom, Inc.

Bergstrom manufacturers and markets the NITE Day Cab system (No-Idle Thermal Environment), which saves fuel, keeps drivers comfortable and helps protect the environment.

Big Rig Products

The RigMaster Power T4-6 model is a compact stand-alone system that reduces your truck's fuel and operating costs, but also provides a 110-volt "house current," a 60-amp DC alternator to charge your truck's batteries, and an automatic climate control system with convenient controls in the cab.

Carrier/United Technologies

Featuring next-generation technologies, Carrier/United Technologies sets ever-higher standards in refrigerated container, truck and trailer systems while reducing fuel consumption, emissions, and sound levels.


Centramatic's APU's, air conditioning and heating systems are specifically designed for use in the trucking industry. Use of such systems for cab comfort and convenience complies with anti-idling laws and uses roughly 75% less fuel compared to idling the truck's primary engine.

Clean Cities

DOE's Clean Cities Coalition Network. Clean Cities coalitions foster the nation's economic, environmental, and energy security by working locally to advance affordable, domestic transportation fuels and technologies.

Compendium of Idling Reduction Equipment for Class 1-8 Vehicles

This compendium includes information about known, currently available idling reduction equipment. It includes data on company, product, technology, function, services (e.g., engine shut-off, heating, cooling, electric power, cargo refrigeration), shore-power capability, vehicle classes served, heating and cooling capacity, electric power capacity, estimated fuel use, fuel use reduction, estimated cost, EPA SmartWay verified, and website.

Dometic Environmental Corporation

Dometic Environmental Corporation manufactures auxiliary air conditioning and heating systems for heavy-duty trucks.


Dynasys manufactures and distributes energy-efficient auxiliary power systems for the transportation industry that reduce emissions and the magnitude of climate change.


Eberspaecher offers a comprehensive range of independent and compact fuel-operated air and coolant heaters. Eberspaecher supplies auxiliary gas/diesel-fired heaters for trucks, buses, automotive, off-highway, cargo, and military markets.

eCycle, Inc.

eCycle, Inc. manufactures a line of unique brushless motors and generators. eCycle's low voltage, low cost, ultra efficient DC air-conditioning solution produces up to 13,000BTU/hr, and can be easily installed in virtually any vehicle. eCycle offers an innovative air-conditioning solution for the reduction of fuel consumption, emissions, and operating costs.

eNow, Inc.

eNow is an innovative, clean technology company that uses flexible, solar photovoltaic cell technologies to help the transportation industry realize environmental, economic, and regulatory benefits.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean School Bus USA

The goal of Clean School Bus USA is to reduce both children's exposure to diesel exhaust and the amount of air pollution created by diesel school buses.

EPA - SmartWay Transport Program

SmartWay is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program that reduces freight transportation-related emissions by creating incentives to improve supply chain fuel efficiency.

Griffin, Inc.

The Griffin Idle Reduction System provides a tool capable of significantly reducing daily operating expenses associated with fuel and maintenance, and increases the overall life of the vehicle's engine.

GRIP Idle Management System

The Governor to Reduce Idle and Pollution (GRIP) Idle Management System is designed to manage the time that the vehicle spends running in idle. The system not only saves fuel and excessive wear but extends vehicle life. It also reduces emissions caused by unnecessary engine idle.

Hammond Air Conditioning Ltd

Arctic BREEZE Truck AC(TM) is a high-efficiency, 12V battery-powered air conditioning system that keeps truck cabs cool without idling the engine.

Havis, Inc.

The Havis IdleRight Fuel Management System monitors a battery's condition and automatically idles a vehicle only when necessary, reducing engine wear and fuel consumption. The Havis ChargeGuard(R) Auto Shut-off Timers safeguard expensive communications devices and computers with intelligent circuitry protection, ultimately ensuring you will never have a dead battery.

Hercules Manufacturing Co.

The basic cold plate designs keep cost down with the reliability of fewest working parts. Straight cold plate systems rely on natural air convection to remove heat from the interior load space. Freezing solutions ranging from -21 degrees to +26 degrees allow for unique designs for deliveries ranging from ice cream to flowers.


IdleAir service allows truck drivers to turn off their diesel engines--and APUs--while enjoying heating, cooling, standard electric service inside and outside the cab, satellite TV, and internet.


IMPCO is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of advanced fuel storage, fuel delivery, and electronic control systems. IMPCO also produces a diesel-electric Auxiliary Power Unit for trucks and locomotives to warm or cool sleepers and engines, reduce idling, and save money.

Indel B

Sleeping Well is a battery powered electric air-conditioning system that independently functions with the engine turned off. It is a no-idle solution that quietly cools and dehumidifies the sleeper cabs of commercial vehicles.

InterMotive, Inc.

InterMotive, Inc. designs and manufactures electronic control systems for a variety of markets. The Eco-Star automatically turns the engine off when specific, customizable, safety conditions are met. The EcoLock is an anti-idle system designed specifically for police and automatically turns the engine off when specific conditions are met.

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies

Johnson's AE Series features traditional free-hanging cold plates and cold plate blower systems with automatic defrost that deliver excellent reliability, low maintenance, and exceptionally long system life. The AE Series features power-grid plug-in instead of diesel fuel for significant operational savings.

MedicAire, LLC

MedicAire manufactures the idle reduction technology, MediDock, for ambulances to operate heat, A/C, and onboard batteries with the engine off.

NREL Fleet Test & Evaluation

The Fleet Test and Evaluation (FT&E) team works with commercial and government fleets, as well as industry groups, to test and deploy medium- and heavy-duty alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles in service. Information derived from evaluation of vehicle performance is fed back to research programs to help shape future work.

Odyne Corporation

Odyne's advanced plug-in hybrid technology enables trucks over 14,000 pounds to have substantially lower emissions, improved performance, quieter job site operation, lower fuel consumption and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

Parks Industries LLC

Parks Industries LLC manufactures, sells, and distributes the HP2000 auxiliary power unit (APU) series. The HP2000 uses a heat pump system to provide climate control which cuts down on componentry making for a more affordable and efficient APU.

Phillips & Temro

Phillips & Temro offers solutions for engine heating, fuel and fluid heating, cooling and ventilation, and idle elimination.

Pony Pack

Pony Pack, Inc. manufactures idle reduction auxiliary power units for heating, cooling, engine warming, and battery charging long-haul trucks. The Pony Pack works with on-board equipment for a clean solution to excessive idling.

PowerTechnology Southeast, Inc

PowerTechnology Southeast, Inc. manufactures and supplies mobile diesel generators for many diverse generator market sectors and range from 3KW to 320KW for standby, marine generators, worldwide military projects, and gas/diesel electric vehicles.


Proheat Air is a heavy-duty truck auxiliary air heater, quietly delivering constant and reliable heat in cold weather environments. Available in 2 and 4 kW models, its high-efficiency design reduces overall vehicle emissions and engine wear by eliminating the need to idle the engine to heat the sleeper cab.

RigMaster Power

RigMaster Power manufactures a stand-alone generator set for heavy-duty trucks. The RigMaster auxiliary power unit can reduce fuel and operating costs and provides 120-volt "house current," a 60 amp DC alternator for battery recharging, and an automatic climate control system.

Riverside Mfg., LLC

Riverside Mfg., LLC, specializing in electronic solutions for harsh environment industries, has developed a passive entry/passive start (PEPS) system which automatically shuts off unattended vehicles after a prescribed number of seconds, preventing unnecessary idling.

Shorepower Technologies

Shorepower Technologies was formed with the goal of deploying truck stop electrification technologies at truck stops, rest areas, travel plazas, warehouses, and truck depots. The Shorepower system offers easy access to electricity, allowing truck operators to turn off their engines and continue powering cab appliances, accessories, and block heaters.

Simply Grid, Inc.

Simply Grid technology provides on demand access to grid electricity and enables access to on-site, self-service electricity via industry standard charging stations and in-wall outlets.

Star Class Inc.

Star Class manufactures auxiliary power units which are designed to be rugged to ensure they will provide years of reliable, economical service. They allow you to run your truck's electrical system, or heating & air conditioning while you rest between runs.

Stealth Power

Stealth Power develops and manufactures smart electric power systems that provide power to run vehicles' electrical equipment, including auxiliary HVAC, heat, lights, camera, communication equipment, weapons systems, surveillance equipment, and power tools without idling the engine.

Sun Power Technologies

The Sun Power DC5000 Comfort System is a full self-contained 12-volt DC air conditioner that delivers 5,000 BTU per hour of cooling capacity. It is powered by a 440 amp/hour AGM battery system to provide 7-10 hours of operator comfort, eliminates jump starts, and saves fuel.

Thermo King Corporation

Thermo King Corporation manufactures transport temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications, including trailers, truck bodies, buses, shipboard containers, and railway cars. Thermo King's TriPac auxiliary power unit provides an idle reduction solution for long-haul trucking applications.

Vanner, Inc.

Vanner designs and delivers idle reduction innovations for day and sleeper cabs combining Vanner's power inverter and power management technology. Vanner's IdleWatch(R) "Hybrid" Idle Reduction System helps meet the trucking industry's no-idle regulations, while increasing battery life and improving fleet efficiency.


Webasto manufactures the engine-off bunk cooler, BlueCool Truck, in-cab heaters, and engine pre-heaters.


ZeroRPM offers an idle mitigation system that eliminates idling while providing auxiliary power and climate control from the vehicle's factory-installed ventilation system.