Texas Points of Contact

The following people or agencies can help you find more information about Texas's clean transportation laws, incentives, and funding opportunities.
Jesse Chadwick
Clean Cities Coordinator
Phone: (210) 362-5317
Michael Fuller
Clean Cities Co-Coordinator
Phone: (713) 993-2498
Elizabeth Munger
Clean Cities Coordinator
Phone: (512) 694-1004
Lori Clark
Clean Cities Coordinator
Phone: (817) 695-9232
Fax: (817) 640-3028
Shelley Whitworth
Clean Cities Co-Coordinator
Phone: (713) 499-6695
Neil Kirschner
Project Manager
U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Phone: (412) 386-5793
Art Valladares
Regional Coordinator
Railroad Commission of Texas, Alternative Energy Division
Phone: (512) 463-9202
Jacqueline Mason
Education & Marketing Director
Phone: (800) 325-7427
Nate Hickman
Planner, Implementation Grants Section
Phone: (512) 239-4434
Wayne Snead
CNG Specialist, Business Development
Texas Gas Service
Phone: (512) 370-8239
Fax: (512) 370-8247
John Walser
Physical Scientist, Region 6
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Phone: (214) 665-7128
Bradley Cox
Transportation Operations Specialist
U.S. General Services Administration
Phone: (817) 850-8187