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Photo of trucks parked at electrified parking spaces

A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charges at a solar-powered public EVSE site in Portland.

The GeoEVSE Forum is a government-industry collaboration committed to establishing a repository of public electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) location data for use by consumers and industry.

A network of public charging stations, or EVSE, gives plug-in electric vehicle drivers alternatives to home charging and can extend driving range. Recognizing that these drivers need an easy way to locate EVSE, automakers have enabled vehicle navigation systems to locate the nearest available charging sites.

A successful navigation system depends on a comprehensive database of publicly accessible EVSE locations, irrespective of equipment manufacturer or charging network. The U.S. Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center (AFDC) contains the locations of nearly 7,000 alternative fueling stations, including more than 2,000 EVSE locations. These locations are available to the public through the Alternative Fueling Station Locator and through third party websites that provide portals to the AFDC data.

As EVSE infrastructure expands and public interest in plug-in electric vehicles increases, the Forum will form the basis for centralized data collection of public EVSE locations.


The goals of the GeoEVSE Forum include:

  • Avoiding unnecessary duplication of effort in the collection and publishing of EVSE location data
  • Enhancing the EVSE location data in the Alternative Fueling Station Locator
  • Assuring the continued comprehensive collection of new EVSE installations
  • Holding regular discussions about data standards and data-access mechanisms

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