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May 19, 2015 from Tom Gibbs, E-mail: tom.gibbs@sce.com

The Southern California Edison Company is soliciting bids for two hundred (200) Energy Policy Act (???EPAct???) Alternate Fuel Vehicle (???AFV???) credits, to be paid for and transferred in the 2015 model year. If you are an EPAct covered entity, with excess AFV credits, please submit your bids via e-mail to: tom.gibbs@sce.com. You may also submit a bid in writing to the following address: Tom Gibbs, Regulatory Compliance Transportation Services, 3rd Floor, G.O.3 Southern California Edison Company 2131 Walnut Grove Avenue Rosemead, CA 91770 All bids must be received by Monday, July 1, 2015. If there are any questions, contact Tom Gibbs at 626-302-7409, or e-mail: tom.gibbs@sce.com

April 08, 2015 from Kevin Allen, E-mail: kevin.allen@thruway.ny.gov

The New York State Thruway Authority has excess AFV Credits. If you are looking to purchase Credits, please contact me (518) 436-2736 or by email at kevin.allen@thruway.ny.gov

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