Alternative Fueling Station Counts by State

Below you will find a listing of alternative fuel station counts by state and fuel type.

Total Alternative Fueling Station Counts
STATE Biodiesel CNG E85 Electric*
(stations/charging outlets)
HY LNG LPG Totals**
by State

*Includes legacy chargers, but does not include residential electric charging infrastructure.
**Totals by States indicate the total number of stations for all fuel types combined. Individual stations are counted multiple times if the station offers multiple types of fuel. For Electric, the total number of charging outlets was used in the calculation.


Biodiesel-B20 and above
CNG-Compressed Natural Gas
E85-Ethanol Flex Fuel
Electric-Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)
LNG-Liquefied Natural Gas
LPG-Propane (Liquefied Petroleum gas)


Data last updated: 10/16/2018