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2029 Century Park E
Los Angeles, CA 90067
24 hours daily
2029 EV BAY 2; Enter Garage and proceed to P1
2029 EV BAY 9; -
2029 EV BAY 6; -
2029 EV BAY 7-8; The station is located on level P1
2029 EV BAY 3; -
2029 EV BAY 4; -
2029 EV BAY 5; Enter garage and proceed to P1 and follow signs
2029 EV BAY 1; Enter garage and proceed to P1 and follow signs

Fuel Available

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric charging network:
ChargePoint Network
Level 1 outlets:
Level 2 outlets:
Connector types:
J1772, NEMA 5-20

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