Natural Gas Vehicle Availability

There are many heavy-duty natural gas vehicles—as well as a number of light-duty NGVs—available from original equipment manufacturers. Qualified system retrofitters can also economically, safely, and reliably convert many vehicles for natural gas operation.

Light-Duty Vehicles

A number of dedicated and bi-fuel, light-duty NGVs are available directly from original equipment manufacturers.

Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Natural gas engines can be used in a variety of heavy-duty vehicles for various applications, such as transit buses, school buses, and refuse trucks.

  • Use the Alternative Fuel and Advanced Vehicle Search tool to see available natural gas vehicles and engines.
  • For more information about which vehicles feature natural gas engines, contact the engine manufacturers. Alternatively, contact heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers to learn about the natural gas vehicles they offer.

Natural Gas Vehicle Conversions 

Find out about options for converting conventional vehicles to run on natural gas.

Pre-Owned Vehicles 

Learn about buying and selling pre-owned alternative fuel and advanced vehicles.

More Information

For more information, see the AFDC's information on natural gas or: