Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Photo of a hydrogen fueling station.

California is leading the nation with rolling out publicly accessible hydrogen fueling stations for fuel cell vehicles. With careful planning, the focus has been to add hydrogen mostly at existing gasoline stations covering regions in northern California near San Francisco and southern California near Los Angeles with additional connector and destination stations. These efforts are giving early fuel cell vehicle adopters confidence that they can drive normally and have access to hydrogen wherever they go within these regions. Efforts are also underway in Hawaii and the east coast, with other markets expected to develop as consumer demand increases. By the end of 2015, there should be more than 50 public stations available nationwide for fuel cell vehicles. As the demand for fuel cell vehicles grows, the business case for building more stations with higher capacities improves and volume production of station components will bring station costs down. Hydrogen infrastructure is also developing for buses, medium- and heavy-duty fleets, and material handling equipment, but unlike for consumer stations for fuel cell vehicles, fleet stations can be centrally located to meet private fleet needs.

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