Diesel Vehicle Availability

Demand for light-duty diesel has risen significantly in the last several years and is predicted to continue. More auto manufacturers are producing light-duty diesels and these vehicles will be more fuel efficient than gasoline vehicles.

Although all diesel vehicles can use biodiesel, be sure to check your engine warranty to ensure that higher-level blends of this alternative fuel don't affect it. B5 is approved for use in all diesel vehicles.

Light-Duty Vehicles

Use the Alternative Fuel and Advanced Vehicle Search to browse the available models approved by their manufacturers to use B20 (20% biodiesel, 80% petroleum diesel). To learn about all currently available light-duty diesel vehicles, use FuelEconomy.gov's diesel vehicle search.

Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Biodiesel or biodiesel blends are used by heavy-duty vehicle operators to reduce petroleum consumption and pollutant emissions. Engine manufacturers may certify their engines for use with B20. See a list of OEM position statements on B20.

Pre-Owned Vehicles 

Learn about buying and selling pre-owned alternative fuel and advanced vehicles.

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