Strategies to Conserve Fuel

More than 250 million vehicles consume millions of barrels of petroleum every day in the United States. On-road passenger travel alone accounts for more than 2.5 trillion vehicle miles traveled each year. Vehicle fleet managers and drivers, corporate decision makers, and public transportation planners can use the strategies presented here to conserve fuel.

Idle ReductionIdle Reduction 

Find ways to reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse emissions by idling less.

Driving BehaviorDriving Behavior 

Read about strategies and techniques to improve driving behavior, conserve fuel, and save money.

Parts and EquipmentParts and Equipment 

Learn about outfitting your fleet's vehicles with devices that save fuel.

Fleet RightsizingFleet Rightsizing 

Evaluate your vehicle needs to build and maintain a sustainable, fuel-efficient fleet.

Vehicle MaintenanceVehicle Maintenance 

Discover ways to improve your fleet's fuel economy through regular vehicle maintenance.

System EfficiencyTransportation System Efficiency 

Find ways to conserve fuel by reducing vehicle miles traveled and improving transportation system efficiency.