Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Exemption

Dedicated AFVs are permitted to use HOV lanes, regardless of the number of passengers. Qualified vehicles must display an AFV special plate or the Clean Air - Blue Skies Energy Efficient license plate, which are available from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Recognized alternative fuels are propane, natural gas, electricity, and hydrogen. Only certain plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are eligible for the Energy Efficient license plate. Vehicles registered with Energy Efficient plates prior to May 20, 2014, may continue to use HOV lanes until the owner sells or transfers the vehicle. At any time, only 1,800 eligible vehicles may be registered for the Energy Efficient license plate. ADOT has reached its maximum limit of 10,000 vehicles and the program has been suspended until further notice (verified April 2016). For more information, see the ADOT Energy Efficient Plate Program website. (Reference Arizona Revised Statutes 28-337 and 28-2416)

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