High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lane Exemption

Compressed natural gas (CNG), hydrogen, electric, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) meeting specified California and federal emissions standards and affixed with a California Department of Motor Vehicles Clean Air Vehicle sticker may use HOV lanes regardless of the number of occupants in the vehicle. White Clean Air Vehicle Stickers are available to an unlimited number of qualifying CNG, hydrogen, and electric vehicles. Green Clean Air Vehicle Stickers are available for the first 70,000 applicants that purchase or lease a qualified PHEV. Both stickers will expire January 1, 2019, or on September 30, 2017, if federal authorization for HOV lane access expires. These vehicles are also eligible for reduced rates or exemptions from toll charges imposed on HOT lanes, unless prohibited by federal law. For more information, including a list of qualifying vehicles, see the California Air Resources Board Carpool Lane Use Stickers website. (Reference California Vehicle Code 5205.5 and 21655.9)

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