Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Decal

The state motor fuel tax does not apply to passenger vehicles, certain buses, or commercial vehicles that are powered by an alternative fuel, if they obtain an AFV decal. Owners or operators of such vehicles that also own or operate their own personal fueling stations are required to pay an annual alternative fuel decal fee, as listed below. Motor vehicles licensed as historic vehicles that are powered by alternative fuels are exempt from the motor fuels tax as well as the alternative fuel decal requirement.

Gross Vehicle WeightType of VehicleDecal Fee
18,000 pounds (lbs.) or lessPassenger, School Bus, or Commercial$75
18,000 lbs.-36,000 lbs.Farm or Farming Transportation with an 'F' License Plate$100
18,000 lbs.-36,000 lbs.Passenger-Carrying and Other Motor Vehicles$150
36,000 lbs. or moreFarm or Farming Transportation with an 'F' License Plate$250
36,000 lbs. or moreAll Other Motor Vehicles$1,000

Owners and operators of passenger motor vehicles, buses, or commercial motor vehicles that are powered by CNG or LNG may continue to apply for and use the alternative fuel decal in lieu of paying the CNG and LNG tax, through December 31, 2015, as long as the owner/operator has installed a natural gas fueling station used solely to fuel their vehicle. Owners and operators that have an alternative fuel decal and decline to renew it after January 1, 2016, will no longer be eligible to apply for alternative fuel decals, and will be subject to the CNG and LNG motor fuel tax.

(Reference House Bill 2141, 2014, and Missouri Revised Statutes 142.803 and 142.869)

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